Dealing With Grief Around the Holidays

Oscar Wilde once said memories are the diary that we carry about with us. If you are experiencing grief, memories can be either comforting or painful, and sometimes both and the holidays can be an especially difficult time of year. While everyone grieves in different ways the holidays have a way of bringing forth an overwhelming amount of sights, sounds, feelings memories, that might make it difficult to cope with.

Hispanic Funeral Traditions

Every culture has their own traditions when it comes to funeral services for loved ones. This is especially true with Hispanic or Latino cultures. These traditions and customs can vary from family-to-family and are often influenced by their home country or religion. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Hispanic population accounts for about 18% of the population and they are considered the largest minority group in the United States. It is important that funeral professionals are familiar with these traditions so they can be accommodating and understanding.

What to Do When a Loved One Dies Away from Home: What to Know About Deceased Transportation and International Transport Rules

Losing a loved one is difficult enough when you are by their side and are able to make the necessary arrangements locally. But if a friend or family member dies overseas, getting the body back to their country of citizenship can be very complex and challenging. Due to the necessary Embassy or Consulate documentation, export and import legislation requirements, coordination of funeral cargo shipping, and working out the details of embalming, cremation, or other processes, it is well-advised to use a funeral company that is experienced and specializes in international deceased transportation

The Importance of Thorough Funeral Pre-Planning

Whether a loved one is lost expectedly or unexpectedly, planning for a funeral service and burial can be overwhelming and stressful. Planning ahead of time will help to ease the burden for those left behind. There are many things that can be discussed, decided and documented well in advance. This will allow time for friends and family to grieve and support each other, instead of scrambling to figure out how best to honor their loved one and ensure that plans and arrangements are as they wish.

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