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Joseph W. Perry Sr Born: June 4, 1927 Passed: May 7, 2020

Written by Tim Perry

Have known day would come. My Dad passed this afternoon. Joseph W. Perry Sr. He had tested positive for the virus the other day. He went in the company of some of my immediate family, and was not alone.

My friends know I seldom post personal thoughts on here, but I have to tell you about my Dad.

He was 93 years old. 93, Good Lord. He had a sister, Marie, who he loved dearly and she loved him. He had out lived two wives, my Mom Barbara and my step-mom Delores. (My Mom and Dolores were best friends that made for some playful rumors after he married Delores). He had two sons, and a daughter (Joe and Barbara). Also, had three step-children, David, Missy and Frank Piver, who were like blood relatives to him and me. He a few step grand-kids he adored to. And, he had nieces and nephews he was proud of as well.

He was an obnoxiously proud WW2 Vet where he was an MP. He told stories of helping farmers in Belgium who were being robbed by criminals, securing the art works in France, searching for war criminals and how he loved and revered General Eisenhower.

Dad was very active in my youth sport clubs as a coach, grounds keeper, driver, banquet planner, etc. Whatever had to be done, he did. He and my Mom were seriously instrumental in helping bring little league sports to girls in Philadelphia in the 70's.

Dad worked for Sears for 47 years in all sorts of roles in construction and display. He even did a stint as an NJ State Trooper. Dad was very active in St. Matthews Church in many ways as he was in his Church in Chestertown MD.

Dad had a few hobbies, one of which was photography. He was a borderline encyclopedia when it came to that. He had a good hand and eye for building model ships, military ships, Chris-Craft, whatever boat he liked he built. And they were all from scratch, not some kit that you buy. And, he sailed them in the pool at the house in MD. Dad never complained. He seldom had bad words to say about anyone.

And, lastly he was the most devout Catholic I ever met. He lived the Word as well as he could.

He had a horrific fall 3-4 years ago. It pained us to place him in a nursing facility. But the care he received at St. Josephs Villa in Flourtown,PA was topnotch. He got to live with the retired priests and nuns. The staff loved and cared for Dad tremendously. For that, my family is endlessly thankful and appreciative. We could not have provided what he deserved on our own. Special Thanks to my sister Barbara who was my Dads daily care-giver the last dozen years. She has been selfless in her care, love and companionship of my Dad.

For those that knew him, you know the world is a little worse off without him. Those that did not know him, you'd have loved him. Thanks for letting me get this out. It was not without a few tears that I typed this. Thanks for listening and thanks for your anticipated prayers.

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