Our History

The firm of John F. Fluehr & Sons Funeral Director is known in Philadelphia for over a century. The family business was founded by John F. Fluehr in 1898 in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. He was one of eleven children of the late Christopher and Louisa Fluehr. Instead of following his father and brothers into the furniture business, he enrolled in the New York College of Embalming. Upon graduation, he began his career as an “Undertaker” the term in use then, now referred to as a “Funeral Director”.  Fluehr was dedicated and he spent long hours in his chosen profession. At an early age, sons John Jr. and Theodore worked in the business.

In 1929, a partnership was formed known as John F. Fluehr & Sons.  Sons John Jr and Theodore partnered with their father in the family business.

John Jr. married and opened a funeral home in Mayfair in the developing northeast section of Philadelphia.

John F. Fluehr died in 1933 at the age of 55. His son, Theodore, continued to operate the funeral home located in Kensington and John Jr. the Mayfair location.

John Fluehr Jr. built a new funeral home at its present location 3301 Cottman Ave to accommodate the growing business in northeast Philadelphia.

He had four sons, three of whom joined the business, John F. III, Theodore R., and Richard J. Fluehr.

In 1988, Mr. Fluehr turned the day-to-day operation of the business over to his three sons while still remaining active in the business.

Mr. Fluehr died at the age of 87.

John F. Fluehr III died at age 62.

Today the business continues under the ownership of Theodore R. and Richard J. Fluehr

John F. Fluehr & Sons, Inc.

Funeral Home Serving Families Since 1898

3301 Cottman Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19149


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